Merrill Barrel Saddles, the Pride of Three Forks!

25 years of testing and innovation has led to this high quality, high performance saddle.

Freedom of Motion for the Horse: The benefits of the tree flexation frees up the shoulders, while the inskirt rigging displaces the cinching pressure and positions the cinch so that the horse has a full range of motion on his front legs.

The new, improved tree now has fiberglass reinforced wood cantle, swells, ground seat & bars allowing for a more secure placement of the conchos increasing the strength. The front bars are molded separate using a nylon polymer. Also, with the new tree, you can even dally around the horn to pony another horse.

The premise is that the bars in the front flex to accept the shoulder. When you cinch up, they will flex inward to conform to the horse. There is essentially no difference with fit for the horse and rider with the new trees.

Balance for the Rider: How the tree fits to the horse and the seat to the rider, as well as the designed swing and travel of the fenders, gives the rider the freedom of balance to let them be where they want to be. Each saddle weighs approximately 25 lbs.

Effective 11/01/2015

BASE PRICE:  $2,400- + $45- Shipping & Handling

Due to the high demand, Average Build Time is 6 to 8 Months out